anthony mcgrath

anthony mcgrath

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First Name * anthony
Last Name * mcgrath
Username * anthonymcgrath
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality british citizen


Current Position Animator
Current Company Framestore London
Preferred Tools mayahoudiniafxnukesoftimage and anything that gets the job done!




9yrs Maya
10yrs After effects
3yrs XSI and 3ds max
all within industry environment. I have worked on a couple of EA titles in the Harry Potter series, modelling, texturing and rigging characters (blendshapes, joints an skinning etc). I have also worked on set of a recent feature film (sci fi). Currently working on Playstation3 title racing game due for release Xmas2008

Strong illustration skills. Degree in Moving Image Design so I have a strong understanding of composition, lighting, cinematic approaches to sequences within tv, film and games.

I would consider position overseas in Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand or any other country.